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Fiction or non-fiction? It’s all fair game for me. To write or to read.

I see now that I’ve been chasing something. I’ve looked for a place where meaning sits beside me as I draw slow on a cup of coffee. Decaf, thank you. It’s weird, but, in this place, I find logic coming and going, never taking residence.

I’m captivated with all things Christian and scientific. And rising over it all, like little fluffy clouds, is the Good Life of relationships, meaningful work, exercise, and mindful attention. I ignore the most urgent advice of writing: focus like a laser on one thing. But there are just too many things rattling around in my head and I’ve got to get them out. I hope you’ll like them as much as I do.

I write a lot about Christian issues, too. I’ve been a Christian most of my life and have a new view after being hit by a car while training for a bicycle race. Life support and a five-week coma can do that to you.

When the pop-up appears, if you’ll put your email address there where it asks, you’ll get notified of new writing, new stories, and maybe a newsletter or gift offer. I’ve mostly given up on publishing. It’s too much work and I don’t have the time. Same with the socials. At least for now. So, I publish everything here or send it out to my readers. I just want to write.

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My 5 most recent posts/essays/publications.

Perspective on Perspective

More perspective for you. We are having an inspection at work and I don't mean just any old white-glove type stuff. We've been planning for this for two years and for the last two months we've been acting like the house is on fire. It's possible that the life of the...

Book Review – Destiny by T.D. Jakes

Destiny, Step In To Your Purpose, by T. D. Jakes I admit it: like most Americans, any exposure I had to T. D. Jakes was on the Jesus Channel. He was another pastor with an enormous church who writes lots of books for a huge audience. But on the times I would pause on...

An Almost Wordless Wednesday

I want to give an explanation here so you know what is is. Glorious and heartbreaking at the same time. A photo of parents listening to the child’s heart beating inside a man given new life with the child’s heart. Gives me hope for the world again.

Remember the joy of reading?

Does Adulthood Rob From The Joy Of Reading? Remember the joy of reading? Did you love books and reading as a child? Then you know what I write about. Immersion isn’t the right word because that implies that you keep something of yourself. When you are immersed in...

Book Review – Reset Your Child’s Brain by Victoria Dunckley

The Good Ol' Days There was a time – in the glorious and gilded days when I was a child – when children picked up their rooms and wore bow ties to school. I knew what a tough day mom had, so I always offered to clear the table. I said ‘Yes, Ma’am’ and ‘No Sir’. And...

What’s a crumb? Go here to find out.

Crumb -A cardinal wants a woman but doesn’t care about me. Why?

I'm usually in my office by four in the morning. I’ve never slept much, and I don't know if my early rising is an effect of my accident or my age. Or both. The dog sleeps a little later and, when he finally wakes, wants to go outside. I let him out, scratch the bunny...

Crumb – Genesis and Real People

People have the wrong idea about who G works with, I think. At least the Hebrew G. We imagine the people G uses are like our pastor or priest, or maybe like the sweater-wearing goof from The Simpsons. You know, people who are pious and worthy, ready to pay an extra...

Crumb – Let’s talk about what we know.

Even dogs lick up crumbs that fall from the table…

Crumb – Empty Spaces and the Brain

If you’ve had a traumatic brain injury you already know what I’m writing about. If not, here’s some insight into how our brains work. I’m collecting environmental samples today so I threw my gear into our antique Chevy Suburban, kept in barely useable condition to...

Crumb – Think You’re So Smart?

You think you’re so smart? Here’s one that has me thinking... I saw it on YouTube and it makes me wonder how often I sit patiently like a good boy and drool, never realizing what I want is a step away. There's not even a door to open and I only need to take a step....

Except for my Evolution Explained site, everything else gets published here on You Woke Up Breathing, I post pieces on Medium too, and Wattpad. If you prefer those venues, follow the hyperlinks and check them out. And if you would like me to publish on another site, just let me know. I’ll check it out. Thanks,

Here’s a piece that is partly true and mostly made up. The idea came to me years ago when I was looking for a house in a Southern town. I didn’t but it, but later, the former owner came to me to tell me that for as long as she lived there, a ghost lived with them.

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Babies in snow

I write a lot memoir about myself, my dad, and what is both weird and universal about being a human and a Mitton. I change this out often so keep coming back.

Where I write and think a lot about all things Christian and religious. Hit the button – ‘mash’ the button they say here on South Carolina – to go to the top of the Christian menu. And please, let me know what you think.


All Truth is G’s Truth

– St. Augustine

I would love for you to support me and my work. You can do so at any time by giving through Paypal under the photo above.  There are other groups that I admire, too. Mercy Ships docks it’s floating hospital in posts all over the world and performs necessary surgeries and training. And who doesn’t know of St. Jude? Cutting edge medicine at no cost to the family. Isn’t that the goal we all seek? I can’t happen in a vacuum. And I can attest to the expertise and caring of Atlanta’s Shepherd Center, one of the top brain injury centers of the world. I have a soft spot for the last one. It’s for my daughter and her family working with Ethnos360. They are stateside now, waiting out COVID, but are missionaries in the Philippines, learning indigenous languages for BIble translations.

All these groups are worthy of your support, your good thoughts, and your prayers.