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Fiction or non-fiction? It’s all fair game. I see now how I’ve been chasing after something. I’ve looked for a place where meaning sits beside me as I draw slow on a cup of coffee. Decaf, thank you. It’s weird, but, in this place, I find logic coming and going, never taking residence.

I’m captivated with all things Christian and scientific. And rising over it all, like little fluffy clouds, is the Good Life of relationships, meaningful work, exercise, and mindful attention. I ignore the most urgent advice of writing: focus like a laser on one thing. But there are just too many things rattling around in my head and I’ve got to get them out. I hope you’ll like them as much as I do.

When the pop-up appears, if you’ll put your email address there where it asks, you’ll get notified of new writing, new stories, and maybe a newsletter or gift offer. I’ve mostly given up on publishing. It’s too much work and I don’t have the time. Same with the socials. At least for now. So, I publish everything here or send it out to my readers. I just want to write.

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My 5 most recent posts/essays/publications.

Book Review: Shop Class as Soulcraft, by Matthew B. Crawford

Crabbing in Alaska I finished high school and hopped on a plane to Alaska to board the SS Akutan and spend the next months processing the king crab you order from your favorite restaurant. Let me tell you, the people who ran the boat? They knew about work. I worked,...

Langston Hughes – Poem

Here’s a little something for these times... “Folks, I'm telling you,birthing is hardand dying is mean--so get yourselfa little lovingin between." Langston Hughes

Crumb – It Bodes Ill in the Emerald City.

Readers know I’m from Seattle and it breaks my heart to see what’s happening there. Hundreds or thousands of ATIFA protesters took over the City Center yesterday and have set up an autonomous zone on Capital Hill, just south of the University. I agree with many of...

Something Cool – Hydra Engulfing a Daphnia Video

Hydra Meets Daphnia And it's not a nice meeting like when Mal and I used to meet at Starbucks to talk about our recent dates. In case you haven't seen it, there is a video floating YouTube of a hydra feeding on a daphnia or water flea. Both are microscopic and a hydra...

Fear and Privilege

I work with a young man who happens to be African American. Recently, I had an odd exchange with a regulator who asked me to stay behind while everyone else left. I wondered what I got myself into as these conversations rarely go well in my industry. He sat across...

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Crumb – Grown Up Lesson

We had a lesson at home recently that broke my heart. It’s silly, yes, but when the Megalotto hits about a hundred mil, I’ll buy a ticket for the family. At first, my wife and I thought this was a fun idea: I go buy the card we check the numbers as a family before...

Crumb – Social Entropy

I watched the news last night and was struck by a thought: making anything better is bloody hard work. It takes lots of time, lots of work, and lots of buy-in from everyone. But things go bad - maybe really bad - in less than a second. With a decision or a purchase or...

Crumb – Champion Center?

I wrote yesterday about Keith Green, the coronavirus, immunity, and a mishmash of things. Great stuff! After writing the post, I vetted some of the things I said and learned that Tacoma's People's Church is now named The Champion's Center. Is that a weird name for a...

Crumb – The Little People?

My manager whispers this secret, proud of his empathy: "I think the way you treat the little people says a lot about who you are." Full stop with mindful silence. I say, and West Coast Denn is usually much more diplomatic, "I think the fact that you believe there are...

Crumb – More of the same old stuff.

I moped around yesterday reading through an old journal, having to look at the cover to see if I wrote it last week, last year, or last century. Adjust truck carburetor. Write customer info form and more of the same old stuff. Twenty years of writing To Do lists,...

Here’s a piece that is partly true and mostly made up. The idea came to me years ago when I was looking for a house in a Southern town. I didn’t but it, but later, the former owner came to me to tell me that for as long as she lived there, a ghost lived with them.

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I write a lot memoir about myself, my dad, and what is both weird and universal about being a human and a Mitton. I change this out often so keep coming back.

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