About my free/donation policy.

Like Joan Didion who said she ‘writes to understand what she thinks,” let me outline my donation/pay whatever you can policy. This is my first time putting it to paper and I might very well change my mind once or twice or six times.

Years ago, I fell head over heels for a Christian singer named Keith Green. He didn’t just play the piano, he punished that thing. Then, when it was properly subdued, he would sing the most heart-wrenching ballad in barely a whisper, the piano glad to be quiet. I would pay whatever the price of admission was to hear him play or to buy a new album. I signed up for his newsletter and read in it one day that he had a new album available. Weird because I hadn’t seen it at Tower Records where I spent most of my Saturday nights. I didn’t see it because it wasn’t there. He self-published it before anyone even knew what that meant.  In his newsletter, he announced a new album that cost whatever you can afford. He felt hypocritical in urging others to join him in worship…for a small fee. So it was borne: if all you could do was scrimp to save for a stamp to send in a request, that was good enough. Behind it all was a stentorian and bold faith that G could and would care for the needs of Keith’s family and ministry.

I’m not quite as bold. I have a job that pays my bills, but I have the same inner drive – a bloody compulsion – to write. I am never without a pen and can outline an article on the back of an envelope in three minutes. I don’t mean that money isn’t important, but, as the saying about work goes, I would gladly do this for free.  I’ve had have a dozen blogs and still maintain a couple, and I’ve published many magazine articles over the years and one book. Sitting down to initially develop this site, a hippie mentality, and a love for the actual act of writing met under a theological banner of generosity and believing that G can provide and I decided to just write. Take whatever you like and read anything. I’m done for now with publishing and post it all here first. Some things – my crumbs – are hardly more than one-liners meant to convey an observation. I love short stories and am rarely far from finishing one. I am always working on a book of some sort. I will count of you, the reader, to spread far and wide anything you find that you like or hate or has a line of particularly knitted words that truly move you.

I happily accept donations though that isn’t quite the right word. Instead, I ask that you shovel off to me whatever makes sense to you. The worker is worthy of his wages, after all. Fifty-cents is great. Fifty bucks works, too.

You should know, too, that I use affiliate marketing, and that anything I advertise, I have used and enjoyed and offer it here as something useful. In the translated words of Marie Kondo, I hope to spark joy in you and that includes anything you purchase through the site.


For al I know, this will be a complete bust and I will wonder, one day, about what I was thinking.