Why Live With Broken Things?

Do you live with broken things?

Here’s something I’ve started to do with great benefits: when something breaks, I throw it away.

Shocking! It’s a revelation! And it hurts my heart a little bit.

But why would anyone keep broken stuff around? I don’t know but I have drawers of broken pens that no longer write. I have clothes in the closet that no longer fit, and I have tools in boxes that I might want to fix one day. I have an entire broken car sitting out by the street. Each item takes up space and time. And maybe a little life?

Here’s what happened: I reached for a pen to do some writing. I scribble three words and ran out of ink. I swear and wonder what happened. Instinctively, at least for me, I put the pen back in the drawer and start searching for a pen that writes. There are ten pens there but none work. What in the world was I going to do with them? Buy new cartridges? Hope the ink thins and starts to flow? Miraculously fill? If these are Mont Blancs and are repairable and expensive I can see some sense in this but these are all junk pens.

I wonder what it does to us, this living with broken stuff?


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