Crumb – Classrooms

Mitton Crumb

I’m not sure at all what this means. Chime in with your interpretation.

My wife works with kids who are learning disabled. For old guys like me, this is the Special Ed class. She was telling me today about a girl who goes to a regular classroom for science. Thinking of the Sharks and the Jets from Westside Story, and knowing how kids can be mean to each other, I wondered if other kids pick on the ones who go to regular classes.

“No,” she said. “It’s weird but they’re totally supportive. In fact, if the girl’s late for science, the kids will all start yelling and make sure she gets there on time. They collect all her stuff and make sure she gets out the door. They don’t compete, and there’s really no backbiting like you have in other classrooms with clicks.“

“What about the girl who pulled the guy’s chair out?”

“That’s even weirder,” she said. “As a group, they’re totally on the same team and will help each other out. But we have a couple of complete snappers. Like this boy. He’s helpful and sweet and writes the other kids notes every day. But when that girl pulled his chair out and he hit the floor with his butt? I mean, I thought he was going to stab her with a pencil. But, you know what? In an hour he might help her with reading. It’s completely weird to me.”


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