Psalm 234, On Healing

Psalm 234

A Psalm about healing when I learned there wasn’t any.

Should I pray for healing, too, I wondered?
Like she did? Now whole?
I’d never thought of it. Was that was my sin?
You accosted me, as if from behind a curtain,
Why would I want to heal you?
Finally, you’re in a place where I want you.
Broken and humble.

I’m surprised,now, draped in a cloak of deep satisfaction,
A little lighter.
Mingling with leaves,
Hovering between dirt and sky.
My body aches but my soul smiles.
This is the plan?
This ache? This vice? This weight?
I didn’t ask nor complain.
I resolved to live more and to love more,
Wrapped,as it were, meaning.

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