Writing by Dennis Mitton


It’s all fair game to me and I ignore the sage advice of other successful writers to focus like a laser on your theme. I have so much stuff crammed into my head, and such an urge to write, that I have to get it out.

But I do notice that I hunt in cracks for light  and meaning. Be warned: I might find it in Christianity, in science, in the Good Life, or in the sound of a crisp plane iron shearing a paper thin shaving of wood from a glued up plank. I hope you’ll find something you like.

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I’ve had a dozer or so site over the years, each with a particular theme, and found to constant juggling exhausting and it kept me from writing. I’ve combined all into one now. This will likely irk some readers but keep at it. It can all be found in the menu. I write on Medium, too, and Wattpad. I would love to write something on your blog. Just let me know.

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I write a lot of memoir, too. I grew up in Tacoma, Washington, USA, just South of Seattle. It was in the 1960s and ’70’s and then moved for work. I’ve lived in Washington, Georgia, New York, and, now, South Carolina. I will say it: I loved New York. We lived in the upstate where everytown has a Washington SPelpt here sign, and a used bookstore, and a pile a broken antiques somewhere. That part about not seeing grass for six months a year? My wife confided in me one day that it’s not quite her cup of tea. Now I wil in South Carolina while she cleans the pool and smile that “It’s like being on vacation every day?”

Where I write and think a lot about all things Christian and religious. Hit the button – ‘mash’ the button they say here on South Carolina – to go to the top of the Christian menu. And please, let me know what you think.

I would love for you to support me and my work. You can do so at any time by giving through Paypal under the photo above.  There are other groups that I admire, too. Mercy Ships docks it’s floating hospital in posts all over the world and performs necessary surgeries and training. And who doesn’t know of St. Jude? Cutting edge medicine at no cost to the family. Isn’t that the goal we all seek? I can’t happen in a vacuum. And I can attest to the expertise and caring of Atlanta’s Shepherd Center, one of the top brain injury centers of the world. I have a soft spot for the last one. It’s for my daughter and her family working with Ethnos360. They are stateside now, waiting out COVID, but are missionaries in the Philippines, learning indigenous languages for BIble translations.

All these groups are worthy of your support, your good thoughts, and your prayers.


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