Sunday Lesson – He Holds Your Future

People bicker like children about freedom and why President Trump doesn’t wear a mask and why we can’t toss down a few beers at the local restaurant with a dozen friends, sitting on each other’s laps.

Sunday Lesson – The Man with the Withered Hand

Most Sundays, I post a brief lesson about the Christian life. I don’t preach. My goal is to understand what the writer writes, and what the hearer hears. I leave the what it really means to others, smarter than me, and bolder. I can’t write and think about this without bias, and I will address it... Continue Reading →

Perspective 13 – Unearned Luxury

This photo broke my heart. It came attached to an email this week from a charity helping the poor in various countries. It purports to be a Peruvian woman who makes the barest of livings collecting recyclable scraps. That’s the only information given. The pessimist in me immediately wonders if it’s true. She could be... Continue Reading →

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