The Emmaus Road

The painting above is a scene from one of my favorite New Testament stories. Two disciples were walking along the road to Emmaus. A stranger comes up to them and asks why they are so downcast. “Are you they only one in Jerusalem who doesn’t know what happened?” they ask.  The stranger hears them out and walks them through the Hebrew scriptures, just like they wind along the trail, and he explains how it was foretold that the Christ had to suffer and die. He opens their eyes to reveal that he is, in fact, Jesus, the one crucified, now living and breathing. It’s my favorite line in the New Testament, “Didn’t our hearts burn inside us when He spoke ?”


By way of introduction…

I consider myself an agnostic Christian. Some readers will side with my wife who considers the term itself the epitome of stupidity.

The Christian Menu Tab

Under this heading, you find Psalms, General Christian, and Teachings.

Psalms are just that: praise, lamentations, prayers, and thinkings about G and the world. Generally in some poetic form and generally unpolished, they are mostly back-of-the-envelope type of entreaties, much as I imagine David’s writing in the Hebrew texts.

Teaching is where I sketch out ideas on a whiteboard of sorts. My goal always is to explain what the writer wanted to communicate and what the hearers heard.  Sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes, especially to modern ears, it’s surprising.

General Christian is everything else.

You might be here looking for my Sunday Lessons, but I don’t keep them. When I post them, I do so on Sundays at 1:35 Eastern time and take them down that evening.

It will anger and frustrate some while others will nod in agreement, but I am happy parsing Protestant theology of all forms, and Orthodox and Catholic teaching, too. I agree with many things pointed out by atheists. I heartily agree with Augustine that all truth is G’s truth.

Selah and enjoy.