I wrote yesterday about Keith Green, the coronavirus, immunity, and a mishmash of things. Great stuff!

After writing the post, I vetted some of the things I said and learned that Tacoma’s People’s Church is now named The Champion’s Center. Is that a weird name for a church? I kind of get it – we are the champions, we win in the end, and all this kind of stuff that sells books – but, really? The Champion’s Center? Even a cursory read through the New Testament reveals that early Christianity, the Christianity of Jesus and Paul, rarely appealed to champions, whatever that means. Maybe a champion at poverty? Maybe the champion in being ‘covered with sores?’

Don’t members of the Champion’s Center feel pressure to have the perfect family, the perfect job, a plush bank account, and, well, be a champion in all areas? I would. If you’re wondering about me, I’m not a champion of any area, except maybe the champion…breeder to a grandson of Czech immigrants, who lived on Fife Heights, went to Fife High School, lives in South Carolina, and drives a Saab. There’s a demographic I can win!