I wrote yesterday about Keith Green, the coronavirus, immunity, and a mishmash of things. Great stuff!

After writing the post, I vetted some of the things I said and learned that Tacoma’s People’s Church is now named The Champion’s Center. Is that a weird name for a church? I kind of get it – we are the champions, we win in the end, and all this kind of stuff – but, really? The Champion’s Center? Even a cursory read through the New Testament tells the story that early Christians were rarely called from among champions, whatever that means. Maybe the champion at poverty? Maybe the champion in being ‘covered with sores?’

Don’t members of the Champion’s Center, feel pressure to have the perfect family, the perfect job, a plush bank account, and, well, be a champion in all areas? I would. If you’re wondering about me, I’m not champion of any area, except maybe the champion…breeder to a grandson of Czech immigrants, who lived on Fife Heights, went to FIfe High School, lives in South Carolina, and drives a Saab. There’s a demographic I can win?