Crumb – It Bodes Ill in the Emerald City.

Readers know I’m from Seattle and it breaks my heart to see what’s happening there. Hundreds or thousands of ATIFA protesters took over the City Center yesterday and have set up an autonomous zone on Capital Hill, just south of the University.

I agree with many of their ideals. Who wouldn’t? I want both justice and a police force that I’m not afraid of. I want healthcare and an education.

But I guarantee this bodes ill for someone.

Right now – and I only have the news to go on – protesters are singing and chanting and patting themselves on the back. What will they do if Seattle starts treating them like grownups and turns off the power? What if squabbles rise that turn violent? Police have already moved out and I can’t imagine the city will send them back in.

Worse yet, what if President Trump follows through with his promises and moves military force in the take the autonomous zone back?

Pray with me that mercy and understanding and cooler heads prevail.