Crumb – It’s All About You

It isn’t really, but, in this case, it is.

I was listening to something today about developing a morning routine. One that is guaranteed to make you famous and beautiful and smart and probably live forever. Then I thought, screw this crap.

The whole idea started to bother me. It’s simply someone else telling me what other people do to start the day. It is someone else – whose goals or character I know little about – telling me what I should do so I can be like them.


And I guarantee they don’t know my goals or character or any other thing about me. My guess is that their hidden goal is that I can be lkike them.

Can you see what’s wrong with this picture?

How about you start by understanding what you want? Get a fat notebook and a warm blanket and let it rain outside while you describe who you are and who you want to be. Take five or ten pages. How will you get there? Take fifty.

That’s your morning routine, your religion, your career, your diet, and who you will date.

Why listen to me or anyone else who wields a pen to tell you what to do? Do it yourself and be yourself. It’s dangerous territory, fraught with land mines and people yelling, but even the explosions can be sweet.