Crumb? Well, not really, but close…

By my own definition, a crumb has no pictures save the squished cookie in the heading. But this short observation, I think, satisfies my ideas for a crumb: a short post I write on the fly without editing or massaging from an idea that pops into my head from nowhere.

The photo is of a wrist band I wear. I got the idea at work one day. They were handing out these bands and I was having kind of a crapy day, complaining about this and that. Someone caught me up short and asked what was wrong?


“Well,” they said, “West Cost Denn is pretty laid back but today? Well, you’re a crabby mess.”

I got an idea. Whenever I catch myself saying something crabby or complaining or yelling at the kids, or kicking the dog, or in any way acting like a crabby old get off my lawn man, I switch the band from one hand to the next. That’s it. I don’t flagellate myself with leather straps, or fast alone at dinner, but just change the band from one hand to the other.

Unconsciously, though, you know what happens. I find myself, over time. without thinking about it, being a little kinder, and giving others more line to be in a bad mood. Maybe – it’s a stretch – I’m a little more like Jesus?

Try it out.

Wrist Band