It’s all fair game to me, and I ignore the sage advice of other successful writers to focus like a laser on your theme. I can’t do it. I have so much stuff crammed into my head, and such an urge to write, that I have to get it out. Readers? Bear with me.

I notice, though, that I scour cracks for light and meaning. I might find it in Christianity, in science, in the Good Life, or in the sound of a crisp plane iron shearing a paper thin shaving of wood from a glued up plank. And it’s always there in a hug from my wife or children. I hope you’ll find something here you like.

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As I said above, I write a lot. And read a lot. I’m combining several sites here because the plain work of maintaining three or four keeps me from writing. Below are six recent posts: for more, play with the menu. You’ll find all kinds of stuff from Christian articles, to woodworking, to the Good Life and longevity, to science. I love all these things and seek to find a universal in each. Maybe you can help with an insight or anecdote?

For what it’s worth, I am from the PNW USA and am born of Slovak and Scottish peasant immigrants. I label myself an agnostic Christian. I very firmly believe that Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina is the greatest novel ever penned. By all measures my doctors tell me, I am a miraculous, recovered Traumatic Brain Injury patient.

To that, I say “Selah.”

Book Review – Where Do You Get Your Ideas, Fred White

White presents writers with a useful guide for digging up nuggets otherwise unknown or unseen. And not just writers, but anyone interested in capturing the how and why of curiosity and how an idea rises above the internal din of what’s for dinner? and why does my toe feel like

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A Wet Market

What Is A Wet Market?

Okay. Not a very exciting post, but at least you’ll understand the news… Definitions I realized, reading news about COVID, that I don’t really know what a wet market is. Maybe you’re in the same boat. It sounds, at first glance, like something from a 1960s low budget horror film

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What If You Wasted Your Entire Life? Book Review

Leo Tolstoy and the Meaning of Life Book Review: The Death of Ivan Ilyich, Leo Tolstoy Following his wealthy and entitled mid-nineteenth century compatriots, the young Tolstoy spent his daytime hours dutifully attending the responsibilities of a young noble. But, at night, he slipped through dark streets and dark doorways

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Mitton Crumb

Crumb? Well, not really, but close…

By my own definition, a crumb has no pictures save the squished cookie in the heading. But this short observation, I think, satisfies my ideas for a crumb: a short post I write on the fly without editing or massaging from an idea that pops into my head from nowhere.

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