Hydra Meets Daphnia

And it’s not a nice meeting like when Mal and I used to meet at Starbucks to talk about our recent dates.

In case you haven’t seen it, there is a video floating YouTube of a hydra feeding on a daphnia or water flea. Both are microscopic and a hydra is a kind of longish tube creature capped with waving pseudopods that look like a messy haircut. Per the name, it looks very much like the silhouette of a tall and thin person with a tangle of snakes for hair. Both a common creatures at the microscopic level but I’ve never seen a video of the one eating the other. Eating might not be quite right as the hydra engulfs the daphnia much likeyou would stuff your fist in a sock. Over time, good stuff from the daphnia will be absorbed by the hydra. Not sure what happens to the exoskeleton, but it is presumably tossed like a chicken bone when the meal is over.


Check it out here.

Do you know of any links to cool micro- or molecular biology stuff. I know…it’s all cool stuff, but, well, you know what I mean…