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Me with my Ellen cup.

About Dennis Mitton

I am a coffeeist, a scientist, a father, and a husband. I am, sadly, no longer a son. I write obsessively about almost anything. My first name spelled backward is ‘sinned’. I drive a thirty-year-old Saab. It’s a glorious venture.

I see now that I’m in pursuit of meaning. In fiction, whether I’m writing or reading, I am fascinated with Cohen’s line about the crack where the light gets in.

In non-fiction, I look for the same thing, but in evolution, brain science, and living the good life. I’ve had my own dance with TBI and it’s opened many doors of understanding for me.

I label myself a Christian agnostic which my loving wife views as the apex of stupidity. I love her for her steely spine and uncompromising fealty to truth and loyalty, but I write Christian things from this perspective.

I don’t dabble much the socials, but you can follow me below. To talk about a post or an idea, please do so here on this site as a comment. I can be reached at for discussion, bookings, or for general information. Please allow time for me to contact back.

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Thanks so much.

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