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The Great Man, Count Leo Tolstoy

Here are five luscious links to essays and observations and posts especially interesting to writers and readers.

For Book Reviews, go here.

For the Literature page, where I write about authors and their ideas, go here.

I can’t get away from it. I love Memoir. I love the retelling and discovery of clues. I love fitting it all into a bigger picture. I love the tiny details, the insights. Check it out here.

Finally, most interesting to writers, is the the Writing Life Page where I talk about the good stuff like why I use Scrivener and lousy advice I’ve been given.

Finally, there are stories. Mostly fiction, it’s a place on the shelf set aside for what I might have once seet off to gate-keepers. A portfolio,

Enjoy. Drink it. Tell me about why and how you write. What’s your favorite book? Why? What did you read as a little kid? Let’s make this a hangout for writers of all ilks.  Be sure to add your email to the pop-up. There are tons of stuff where this comes from and you don’t want to miss it!

He looks to the ground, pensive. “I promise I won’t inundate you with junk mail.”